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So, we went on vacation. And Squeaker got so much bigger. She talks – a lot. And she really got acquainted with her beloved Daddy, who she now follows with her eyes whenever he enters a room. I hope this lasts – he had to go away for a bachelor’s party this weekend, so he is gone for two full nights.

But she is so much bigger. She just – and I mean just 15 minutes ago – pushed herself into a standing position from a sitting one while I was holding her sides. And she looked so surprised at her new vantage point. She has been able to stand well, and straight, for a few weeks now, but it now seems like a willing thing, rather than an “oh my legs locked” thing.

And she is tall. Her clothes fit lengthwise, but look baggy. She keeps getting taller. The newborn clothes are almost a thing of the past – they snap tightly – but the next size still hangs off. The sad thing is that we have sooo many adorable summer dresses in 0-3 month sizes, but they are still huge. I actually have an inkling many will fit her next spring at this rate – the armholes are so big – we may just need leggings underneath.

She is still addicted to the pacifier – now known as the chew toy, as it was named by some friends. Also, baby crack. But she needs it a lot less, especially at night, which is great. I hate that darn green rubber thing, with its proclivity to fall and bounce into dark spaces or under cars in parking lots. I can’t wait for her to be fully done with it – I am starting to use it less even now, but still make sure to keep it around when we are in public. Why should the entire grocery store suffer because I am taking away the chew toy?

She loved the beach, especially all the young cousins around. There was always someone to watch, and you could just see that she wanted to be able to play with them. Especially her 10 month old friend who loves everything about the beach, will put everything from seashells to horseshoe crabs into her mouth and who crawls directly into the waves – and probably would keep going across the Atlantic if that whole lack of air thing wasn’t an issue. Next summer, we are definitely spending a week on a beach again – perhaps in the Outer Banks, where there will be nothing but family, sand and ocean to occupy a one year old’s time.

Today, though – she is 3 months old. And every day is more fun than the last.