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It is official – we went for Squeaker’s first sick visit to the doctor’s. Luckily, the doctor doing the walk in hours was one of the younger, casual ones who noted that she looked fine, did not have an ear infection or any signs of an upcoming one, that we were doing everything fine, and then played with her while she stood up (her favorite thing right now). It put Huzby’s mind to ease and allowed us to distribute the news that the doctor agreed that she was fine…since Huzby’s family seems to not believe me on these matters.

Now, I am used to the fact that my in laws are a bit more medical-information-centric than I am. I prefer to talk about happy things, while they seem to enjoy dwelling on all medical conditions that exist/may exist/might someday come into being. It makes for dour conversations, in my opinion, and I try to avoid giving any fodder relating to myself and Huzby. However, once they found out that Squeaker had a cold, the news seemed to spread like wildfire. All of a sudden, we were getting calls, emails and facebook messages (?!?!?!) asking about our sick child. It was just a cold! She is fine! I repeated those sentences all weekend, finally calling my MIL to reiterate the message so that it could hopefully be passed along that all was well, rather than the dire messages that had been spreading.

Really, isn’t it better to just be happy?


Project RunwayOk, so I have a few guilty pleasure reality shows. Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway. Well, I also watch American Idol, but that is more because it is a very boring time of year and you can get through the show in less than 15 minutes on DVR.

But Project Runway is back, finally – on Lifetime. Yes, I actually turned the channel to Lifetime. Don’t tell anyone.

I won’t post a recap – there are enough sites that do that, and there are so many designers at this point that it is almost impossible to tell them all apart. I am partial to this one at Television Without Pity. But I will offer my two bits on the winner/loser.

Auf’d: Very good choice. That girl was crazy, and crazy-annoying, not crazy-cute. I like non-traditional, but that dress was just awful. Maybe if it had been a recycling challenge, but not when you have access to real fabric! I was glad they kept the other guy – Mitchell, per the PR Website – because I was in love with the original design for his dress. I am so disappointed I didn’t see it on the model – was she really that off from the measurements?

Win: Yes, that dress was pretty. Definitely in my top 3. However, the dress by Irina, which did not even make the top 3, was by far my favorite. If I was a size 2 actress, it is absolutely what I would wear. The fabric was a gorgeous old world style but the design made it wonderfully modern. She is my designer to watch by far.

Overall, I thought the designers were by far on a higher level than last season. There were multiple dresses that were interesting, not just decent, and I am looking forward to seeing them compete in the fun challenges. Oh, and on the All Stars Challenge: it could have been so fun, but it was just boring! Even with Santino! Why do all the other designers not just give it to him right back – I think he would be fun to hang out with.

If the flu season hits this year, it is going to be a long fall/winter. Staying home for a prolonged period of time can get quite boring, especially if Squeaker doesn’t feel well. With her wanting to feed every 20-30 minutes or so, and feeding for about 15 minutes at a time, we spend the day upstairs with the vaporizer – now with Eucalyptus essence, thanks to my grandmother stopping by – and I try to catch up on my reading.

Reading: Drood by Dan Simmons. I have heard so much about this book, and I really want to like it. But it is long. L-O-N-G long. I had to renew it from the library and I am still less than halfway through. If I do not get through it by its next return date on Tuesday, I think I will have to give it up for another time. The story is intriguing enough, but there are so many chapters and excursions that do not seem to advance the plot…it is hard to stay with it for long when there are so many more enticing options.

Viewing: We really want to see District 9, before we are spoiled (because it will happen if we wait too long). My mom was planning to come over tonight so that we could go see it, but she has caught the/a cold as well, so we are forced to put it off until next week. We watched The Tudors Season 1 this week on Netflix via the Xbox, which was fairly good. It was more soap opera-y than my husband generally prefers, but we got into the historical parts and I want to watch the rest. We will probably wait until winter to get into the remaining seasons.

However, Top Chef is back on tv, so I am happy! I need to get inspired to cook something yummy for the weekend.

One week and a few days until vacation – which we all sorely need! 10 days of family time will be so welcome!

So Huzby comes home from work with a runny nose, congestion, sore throat, etc. but is sure that it is allergies because he looked at the the WebMD “Is It Allergies or a Cold” article.

Turns out, that article is not always correct. I of course am also culpable for not being more forceful on the whole, let’s just make sure why don’t you keep a little distance for a few days. So I get the cold as well. I hope that the whole breastfeeding thing will keep it away from the baby. And it seems to work.

Until yesterday, when we were given a very screechy and cranky baby who would not sleep for any length of time, seems to have a sore throat and a new very high pitched squeak to her cry. The doctor said she doesn’t need to come in unless she seems worse and recommended sleeping in a room with a cool mist vaporizer and saline drops in her nose a few times a day. We immediately retreated to the bedroom with the Penguin Vaporizer at full blast, which seemed to really help, and are breastfeeding/napping-for-short-periods around the clock.

Infant colds are not fun, but it is not the end-all either. For now, it seems that we are sticking to the bedroom most of the day, nursing for very long periods of time, and simply weathering the storm.

Also, being much more careful in the fall. The curious part of all this is Huzby is extremely conscious of the whole flu situation – his work has been sending out regular updates ever since the Swine Flu hit and has been emphasizing washing hands/sanitizer/staying-home-when-sick for much longer than any other company we know of. We are monitoring the news about the Swine Flu vaccine and plan on getting it as soon as it is available, since Squeaker will be under 6 months old and not eligible for any flu vaccines until at least December. I am even mentally prepping myself for confinement if there seems to be a big outbreak this fall, since I realize that it is not worth risking an infant sickness just so I can go to yoga/the city/Wegmans. And yet, we still have a summer cold.


Also, I plan to post more frequently. Squeaker hosted her first big party this past weekend – a Lobster Fest due to friends from Boston bringing down fresh specimens – and was a great host. She slept in her sling on my chest for most of the night, but enjoyed all the hoopla and didn’t mind me getting lobster bits on her during my shameful attempt to crack open the claws.

One thing that I knew before being a mother that has been reinforced over the past few weeks: trial and error teaches much more than all of the baby books in the world. Not that I have read many baby books – I prefer quick snippets online regarding the basics to be on the lookout for this week, not a litany of possible problems that will make me neurotic.


Sleep is a big trial and error area. One day, Squeaker only took one nap – about two hours long – in the middle of the day. There were other short periods of closed eyes, but no deep sleep. By 8 pm, she was miserable. Screaming, wailing, arms flailing and inconsolable. We got in the car, which quieted her temporarily, but once we got back home it was more of the same. After 2 + hours, she finally went to sleep, but it did not last for more than 2 hours until about 4 am. Then, she finally put in a good 4 hours of sleep and woke up a happy baby.

Since then, we have stuck to a plan – not a schedule – but a plan. If she has been up for a few hours, we try nursing, changing and taking a nap. It has worked so far…

Now, she has just gone down. It is time for our postnatal yoga class, so hopefully she will continue to sleep for a few more hours and I can actually get in more than two exercises.

Things not to forget:

At one day and one month old, Squeaker gained two new skills: holding up her head for extended periods of time and cooing. These have made her lots of fun – she really has a personality now and will tell you what she wants. The only problem is deciphering that…sometime she wants to snuggle close, other times she wants to test out that whole standing up thing.

I love it when she is tired and nursing. She nurses until full, then pulls off and lets her head fall back onto my breast, using her cheek to nuzzle it into a comfortable pillow.

The first time that Huzby went to the store for diapers, he looked for baby stuff near the pet food aisle. Because he thought that pets and babies would be classified closely.

She really smiles at me and her favorite people now. She loves her Mommy and Daddy, she loves the cousins she met down the beach this weekend who shared their toys with her…she is a happy baby when she isn’t tired.

But when she is tired…oh boy. We still haven’t figured out the whole going to sleep thing – she loves sleeping in the car, but otherwise hates napping. She sleeps great at night though – in her crib as long as it is dark outside, then with Mommy & Daddy.

These really aren’t cohesive…I want to do a full post sometime. I just wanted to make a resolution to start writing down the things that I love, every day.

There is no way to estimate the amount of time a baby will consume. Whatever you estimate, triple it. Add 100,000 times more. Speaking of…someone just woke from a deep sleep straight into screams.


Now typing with left hand only. Am a rightie.


Squeaker (Critter’s post-womb name) (she squeaks a lot) is now balanced precariously on lap between forearms. This is somewhat awkward looking but seems to be…not working as she just face planted and now needs to eat.


I give up. Will try to post again later.

Squeaker's Favorite Book

Squeaker's Favorite Book

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