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Four Months

Posted on: October 12, 2009

It is amazing how quickly time slips by. Penny is getting so big – and so much fun. I can not imagine having to leave her during the day. I would miss so much, like how she smiles when she wakes up from naps, or how she has gotten so good at grasping her favorite toys and pulling them to her. She gnaws on anything she can get to her mouth – soft toys, plastic links, the hand of whoever is holding her.

She has met and exceeded all the four month milestones, especially the one about being able to stand up with support. While rolling over has been accomplished (front to back, back to front, either side), she really does not like to stay on the floor for too long. I was helping her stand for hours a day, barely supported. Even the bumbo chair was too constricting. So, I bought a walker (even though it seems to be the devil according to What to Expect the First Year…though so is most anything, which is why I really only glance at it every few weeks). She loves it to an unprecedented degree. Even on the lowest setting, her toes just touch the ground, but she can occasionally propel herself backwards. However, she seems to enjoy feeling tall and really plays with the toy bar and the little toys I put on her tray. She has entire conversations with the bears attached to the toy bar and has better hand-eye coordination every day. No matter what the books say, I think that this was the best purchase for this baby.

Welcome to Penny's Office

Welcome to Penny's Office


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