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Geordi, Read Me More!

Posted on: September 24, 2009

I loved Reading Rainbow as a child. Loved, LOVED, L O V E D Loved. There was this one episode with this book with this boy in Africa who makes an arrow and pierces the clouds to make it rain (and oh please does anyone know what this book was? I took it out from the library a million times but I can not find it now!) that I still remember so clearly (of course, without the title).

I also loved Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: TNG. I am still an avowed Trekkie (Trekker, whatever, I am not that weird).

Aaaand I think that I love Levar Burton a bit more today – because of something he didn’t even say. Because this article on the Onion is absolutely amazing.


Even better.

I just looked on the Reading Rainbow website and they have a list of every single episode and the book that was read. So freaking cool.

And the book I have not been able to find: Bringing the Rain to the Kapiti Plain. Must. Buy.

On the Squeaker front, she is awesome. So amazing. She now has enough control of her hands to grab things and pull them to her – and her favorite thing is the pink butterfly hanging from her carseat, which she loves to chew on. As of today. And of course today was the day I dropped it onto the ground. Twice. And stepped on it once.

I thought the newborn phase would be my favorite – I had no expectations past the beginning. And every day, it gets so much better.

I can’t wait to show her Reading Rainbow. And Star Trek.


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