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Posted on: September 14, 2009

One of my biggest hopes for my daughter is that she be fearless. I do not want her to ever walk into a room or situation and feel guarded, nervous or scared. I want her to have confidence that whatever comes, she can handle it with grace and aplomb. I have some ideas about how to handle this in the future – how to ensure that she gains this quality which I wish I had in greater quantities, and which it took many years to acquire. And, I want this for every child I have.

I want to give her a way to conquer every fear she ever has – whether it be of heights or animals or crowds. I hope to teach her to tell a story about the fear, to give it proper respect and then push it away.

For now, I hold her high over my head and laugh to show her that it is fun. I spin her around and let her delight in the wind. When someone gets too close or something is too loud and startling, I smile and let her see that it is all ok. I know she is only three months old, but I delight in the fact that she is not scared by anyone, by animals, by other kids ‘playing’ with her by pulling her nose or grabbing her legs.

I never want her to put herself in a dangerous situation needlessly – but I want her to have the courage to face any she finds. I want her to walk into a room and talk to anyone. I want her to be independent and strong, courageous and beautiful.

I know she will be.

I hope that I am able to be a part of that.


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