Mama Geek

The Milk is Back

Posted on: August 26, 2009

So, colds have circled the family – from Huzby to Me to Squeaker. While the worst part is by far Squeaker being uncomfortable, one thing that I did not expect was that a cold could have so drastic an impact on my milk supply. My breasts deflated – literally – as did my emotions. It was – scary. I had been dealing with oversupply since my milk came in, so at first I thought that my milk was just leveling off. The block feeding had worked! But then…I didn’t feel the need to pump. And then, I couldn’t pump…even after I didn’t feed her one night for 10 hours. My milk had dropped off so much that I could barely feed Squeaker, and was worried that soon I wouldn’t be able to even do that. Yes, I had plentiful supplies in the freezer, but if I had to rely solely on that, it would not last long at all. Maybe a week or two.

I never expected to have a problem with breast feeding. My family are over-producers to say the least – though I had gone to the Leche League meetings just in case, read all about the possible issues and spent basically the first two weeks of Squeaker’s life naked from the waist up.

And…that is what it took to bring my milk back in. I fed Squeaker any time that she seemed the slightest bit hungry. It was almost helpful that she had a cold, because she wanted to drink frequently to sooth her throat and her feelings. For over a week, I offered her milk around the clock. And slowly, my milk returned. Finally this weekend I was able to pump again, and now can pump one five ounce bottle every day again – enough that I can leave her with someone else once in awhile, and so that we are stocked for some weekends we have coming up where I will be away for extended periods.

I never want to go through that again – I kept the free samples of formula that we received early on, but never want to have to use it. I understand that some women do not or can not breastfeed, but I love feeding Squeaker. I love how she looks when she realizes that I am taking out the boob – her wide open eyes, her fluttering lips, her sighs of satisfaction. I love how sometimes while feeding she looks up at me and gives her sideways Elvis smile. I love when she gets milk drunk and passes out contentedly afterwards. I want to continue doing that as long as she wants to – up to a reasonable point of course. But until then…I thank nature for letting me feed my baby.


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