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Poor Baby

Posted on: August 25, 2009

It is official – we went for Squeaker’s first sick visit to the doctor’s. Luckily, the doctor doing the walk in hours was one of the younger, casual ones who noted that she looked fine, did not have an ear infection or any signs of an upcoming one, that we were doing everything fine, and then played with her while she stood up (her favorite thing right now). It put Huzby’s mind to ease and allowed us to distribute the news that the doctor agreed that she was fine…since Huzby’s family seems to not believe me on these matters.

Now, I am used to the fact that my in laws are a bit more medical-information-centric than I am. I prefer to talk about happy things, while they seem to enjoy dwelling on all medical conditions that exist/may exist/might someday come into being. It makes for dour conversations, in my opinion, and I try to avoid giving any fodder relating to myself and Huzby. However, once they found out that Squeaker had a cold, the news seemed to spread like wildfire. All of a sudden, we were getting calls, emails and facebook messages (?!?!?!) asking about our sick child. It was just a cold! She is fine! I repeated those sentences all weekend, finally calling my MIL to reiterate the message so that it could hopefully be passed along that all was well, rather than the dire messages that had been spreading.

Really, isn’t it better to just be happy?


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