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Project Runway: Good Auf, Bad Win

Posted on: August 21, 2009

Project RunwayOk, so I have a few guilty pleasure reality shows. Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway. Well, I also watch American Idol, but that is more because it is a very boring time of year and you can get through the show in less than 15 minutes on DVR.

But Project Runway is back, finally – on Lifetime. Yes, I actually turned the channel to Lifetime. Don’t tell anyone.

I won’t post a recap – there are enough sites that do that, and there are so many designers at this point that it is almost impossible to tell them all apart. I am partial to this one at Television Without Pity. But I will offer my two bits on the winner/loser.

Auf’d: Very good choice. That girl was crazy, and crazy-annoying, not crazy-cute. I like non-traditional, but that dress was just awful. Maybe if it had been a recycling challenge, but not when you have access to real fabric! I was glad they kept the other guy – Mitchell, per the PR Website – because I was in love with the original design for his dress. I am so disappointed I didn’t see it on the model – was she really that off from the measurements?

Win: Yes, that dress was pretty. Definitely in my top 3. However, the dress by Irina, which did not even make the top 3, was by far my favorite. If I was a size 2 actress, it is absolutely what I would wear. The fabric was a gorgeous old world style but the design made it wonderfully modern. She is my designer to watch by far.

Overall, I thought the designers were by far on a higher level than last season. There were multiple dresses that were interesting, not just decent, and I am looking forward to seeing them compete in the fun challenges. Oh, and on the All Stars Challenge: it could have been so fun, but it was just boring! Even with Santino! Why do all the other designers not just give it to him right back – I think he would be fun to hang out with.


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