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Sharable Allergies

Posted on: August 19, 2009

So Huzby comes home from work with a runny nose, congestion, sore throat, etc. but is sure that it is allergies because he looked at the the WebMD “Is It Allergies or a Cold” article.

Turns out, that article is not always correct. I of course am also culpable for not being more forceful on the whole, let’s just make sure why don’t you keep a little distance for a few days. So I get the cold as well. I hope that the whole breastfeeding thing will keep it away from the baby. And it seems to work.

Until yesterday, when we were given a very screechy and cranky baby who would not sleep for any length of time, seems to have a sore throat and a new very high pitched squeak to her cry. The doctor said she doesn’t need to come in unless she seems worse and recommended sleeping in a room with a cool mist vaporizer and saline drops in her nose a few times a day. We immediately retreated to the bedroom with the Penguin Vaporizer at full blast, which seemed to really help, and are breastfeeding/napping-for-short-periods around the clock.

Infant colds are not fun, but it is not the end-all either. For now, it seems that we are sticking to the bedroom most of the day, nursing for very long periods of time, and simply weathering the storm.

Also, being much more careful in the fall. The curious part of all this is Huzby is extremely conscious of the whole flu situation – his work has been sending out regular updates ever since the Swine Flu hit and has been emphasizing washing hands/sanitizer/staying-home-when-sick for much longer than any other company we know of. We are monitoring the news about the Swine Flu vaccine and plan on getting it as soon as it is available, since Squeaker will be under 6 months old and not eligible for any flu vaccines until at least December. I am even mentally prepping myself for confinement if there seems to be a big outbreak this fall, since I realize that it is not worth risking an infant sickness just so I can go to yoga/the city/Wegmans. And yet, we still have a summer cold.


Also, I plan to post more frequently. Squeaker hosted her first big party this past weekend – a Lobster Fest due to friends from Boston bringing down fresh specimens – and was a great host. She slept in her sling on my chest for most of the night, but enjoyed all the hoopla and didn’t mind me getting lobster bits on her during my shameful attempt to crack open the claws.


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