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Sleepy Baby

Posted on: July 28, 2009

One thing that I knew before being a mother that has been reinforced over the past few weeks: trial and error teaches much more than all of the baby books in the world. Not that I have read many baby books – I prefer quick snippets online regarding the basics to be on the lookout for this week, not a litany of possible problems that will make me neurotic.


Sleep is a big trial and error area. One day, Squeaker only took one nap – about two hours long – in the middle of the day. There were other short periods of closed eyes, but no deep sleep. By 8 pm, she was miserable. Screaming, wailing, arms flailing and inconsolable. We got in the car, which quieted her temporarily, but once we got back home it was more of the same. After 2 + hours, she finally went to sleep, but it did not last for more than 2 hours until about 4 am. Then, she finally put in a good 4 hours of sleep and woke up a happy baby.

Since then, we have stuck to a plan – not a schedule – but a plan. If she has been up for a few hours, we try nursing, changing and taking a nap. It has worked so far…

Now, she has just gone down. It is time for our postnatal yoga class, so hopefully she will continue to sleep for a few more hours and I can actually get in more than two exercises.


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