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Baby Notes

Posted on: July 23, 2009

Things not to forget:

At one day and one month old, Squeaker gained two new skills: holding up her head for extended periods of time and cooing. These have made her lots of fun – she really has a personality now and will tell you what she wants. The only problem is deciphering that…sometime she wants to snuggle close, other times she wants to test out that whole standing up thing.

I love it when she is tired and nursing. She nurses until full, then pulls off and lets her head fall back onto my breast, using her cheek to nuzzle it into a comfortable pillow.

The first time that Huzby went to the store for diapers, he looked for baby stuff near the pet food aisle. Because he thought that pets and babies would be classified closely.

She really smiles at me and her favorite people now. She loves her Mommy and Daddy, she loves the cousins she met down the beach this weekend who shared their toys with her…she is a happy baby when she isn’t tired.

But when she is tired…oh boy. We still haven’t figured out the whole going to sleep thing – she loves sleeping in the car, but otherwise hates napping. She sleeps great at night though – in her crib as long as it is dark outside, then with Mommy & Daddy.

These really aren’t cohesive…I want to do a full post sometime. I just wanted to make a resolution to start writing down the things that I love, every day.


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