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Penelope Rose

Posted on: June 22, 2009

Well…that did not go as expected.

The day after my last post was my 40 week prenatal appointment – one day before my due date. My doctor did the usual checks, then was rechecking the position when she looked…concerned. Where the head should be was a bit softer than expected. She wasn’t sure if the head was just positioned oddly or if the baby had happened to flip at some point – or if we had been wrong on the position for months – and was actually breech. So we were sent straight over to the hospital across the street for an ultrasound. Huzby had happened to come to this appointment – he had not come to every appointment since they switched to every two weeks, then every week, as he just could not take off work that much. I was so glad he was there – I would have been (more of) a wreck if I had been alone.

Into the ultrasound, where we learned that yep, that round part down there was her bum and the round object in my ribs was her head. She was in fact in a “frank breech” presentation, a full pike position with her head at her head.


Back to the OB’s office, where we learned our options.

1. Wait and see if she turns on her own. (Extremely unlikely.)

2. Straight to a c-section. (What the hell was all the yoga for?)

3. Try an external version – basically, the doctor uses her brute strength to try to turn the baby in my belly. If that works, straight to induced labor so that the baby does not have time to flip back. If not, straight to c-section.

Did I mention: Crap?

I really wanted to have a vaginal birth, even if it had to be induced. C-sections scared the crap out of me. The scar, the long recovery, the fact that I had to have surgery…

Can you see where this is going?

The version was an interesting experience. My OB decided to give me an epidural first so that I would not be in pain during the version, and so that it would already be started for whichever type of exit the baby would take. I had always planned to delay getting an epidural as long as possible but to have it in place before actually beginning to push, and I would definitely need it for a c-section, so this made sense. If the version worked, I would have a full labor, just without any pain from contractions.

The version did not work. My doctor made three attempts – the first was the closest we got. She slipped about half way around, then went straight back to her pike position. Of course, my husband made her laugh and loose her grip that time…but I am trying real hard to not hold that against him.

I will save the story of the c-section for another day – along with the rest of my (extended) hospital stay.

But for now…


Penelope Rose

June 11, 2009 – 1:30 pm

7 lb 3 oz

19 1/2 inches


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