Mama Geek

Not Worried. Really.

Posted on: June 8, 2009

Things I am worried about:

1. The very large pile of laundry to be folded on my bed.

2. I think Critter may be a boy and the nursery closet is full of bright pink frills.

3. I think of #2 often because those closets still have no doors. The doors are laying in my living room downstairs.

4. The floors really need to be cleaned, but the vacuum is heavy and it is hot outside.

5. Last night, Huzby filled the new bird feeder that I hung right outside the new bay window so I could watch the birds. This morning, it is almost empty. It holds over a pound of food and is supposedly squirrel proof. We either have really smart quirrels or extremely hungry birds.

Things I am not worried about although everyone else thinks I should be (or they are):

1. The fact that I am due in two days.

2. This impending deadline means I will have to give birth to a baby.

3. Things are…happening…down there…so I am on contraction watch ’09.

4. They expect me to take the baby home a few days after delivery.

Oddly, though…the first list is what is bothering me. Many, many women give birth every day and it all works out. I really am not too worried – what will happen will happen, and until then I will keep doing my yoga poses to get the baby in the correct position and my ****** stretchy enough to let her/him through.

Now, though, it is off to tackle that pile of laundry and possibly induce labor by bringing those doors upstairs.


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