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One Week. Seriously.

Posted on: June 3, 2009

You know, when I first found out about this incredible – and surprising – event that was to take place 7 weeks in, it seemed very far off. As in, “wow, that is a long time without beer.” Now, I am looking at events on Huzby’s beer calendar and thinking, “hmmm…I may be able to have a drink that day.”

So maybe not the normal way to mark time in pregnancy, but it works for me.

Things are…happening. Critter has dropped at least somewhat – the amount of times I have used the bathroom in the last two days is ridiculous. As in, I need to go buy more toilet paper ridiculous. At my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I was pronounced 1-2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Which means…just about nothing. It could be today, it could be two weeks. I have my final hair/nails/eyebrow appointment today that I am really looking forward to, so as long as I get through that, I will be happy.

It is weird – now whenever I see someone, they wish me “good luck if I don’t see you before…” I have been a little more nervous since I found out about the whole Strep B thing, and now I tend to call the nurse when I have a question (only once a week, apparently I am calling a lot less than normal, which she seems to appreciate). I also do have my birth plan completed and doctor-reviewed. I think she liked it – she kissed my cheek and said it looked like a L&D Nurse’s perfect birth plan.

So…we are almost there. And I even cleaned out the fridge last night. If I can get the freezer done – and maybe even the closet doors in the nursery hung – I will be a happy woman.


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