Mama Geek

I Feel Pregnant.

Posted on: May 27, 2009

I’ve had a great pregnancy – really, for the most part, feeling pretty normal. The usual stuff, of course, and this one issue with a pre-existing bad hip feeling like it has aged 100 years, and requiring a bit of extra momentum to get out of chairs and bed, but really I’ve felt great.

I now feel really pregnant.

I mean, I am exhausted. I could sleep every day, all day. The hammock is now my favorite place on earth (except for when I leave it unexpectedly), I am constantly thirsty, I can rarely eat more than a few bites of food at a time due to there being a small bottom and set of legs where my stomach used to be, I survive on M&Ms and I am Sore. All Over. And Swollen. All Over.

I know this is to be expected – I am full term, nine months pregnant. And I am not at that stage where I want to be done. I still love seeing my stomach jostle and feeling Critter move about. My favorite is when I feel her whole body twitch, just like I do when I wake up suddenly from a dream. I think she does the same thing, because it usually happens after she has been very quiet for awhile. I also am savoring every moment that I have alone, or just me and Huzby. I know that even on quiet nights, in a few weeks we will still have to take care of another creature. Someone more demanding than a cat who desires his food bowl to be replenished every time he eats a single bite.

But for now, I feel pregnant.


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