Mama Geek

Doing Nothing

Posted on: May 18, 2009

Saturday was absolutely fabulous – great weather until around 10:30 pm, so plenty of time to sit out on the deck with great friends, decimate many crabs and watch everyone drink beer. It was one of those great parties where everyone felt at home, so they helped themselves to anything around the house. Some people may not like this but I would rather people search the fridge themselves than run in and out of the house all afternoon. Especially when over 8 months pregnant.

However, after staying up well past midnight and hosting a party – even an awesome, casual one – I was ready for a day off. So yesterday, we did nothing. I unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher once and Huzby cleaned off the crab pots. That is it. A messy kitchen has a tendency to make me crazy, but then I thought: in a few weeks, even a day of doing nothing will still be filled. There will still be changing, feeding, bouncing, walking and who knows what else to be done. A day where Huzby and I can sit and do nothing – watch some movies, play some games, basically veg – will be hard to come by.

So for now, I will let the mess wait for when I feel like cleaning. The chance to relax is too precious to give up.


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