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Stupid Ways to Induce Labor

Posted on: May 14, 2009

I have less than a month to go. In fact, in three days my due date will show up on my Google Calendar. Now, everyone has an opinion as to when I will actually go into labor – my husband and I both expect I will be at least a week late, since the early ultrasounds placed my due date 8-9 days behind the one predicted by my obstetrician. Of course, everyone is expecting me to go into labor like a normal person.

I think I am more likely to surprise myself into it.

For example, something that a pregnant woman is decidedly not supposed to do: flip yourself straight to the ground while attempting to lay in a hammock. My husband was mere feet away on the deck at the time, and after ascertaining that I had landed on my butt and not my belly, therefore injuring only myself, progressed to laughing at the sight of me with a hammock on my head.

I, on the other hand, waited through the evening for signs of labor, but was rewarded only with a VERY pissed off fetus. Seriously, she does not like the hard knocks. Critter used every pointy joint and limb available to inflict her punishment.

Yep, I am still so very graceful.


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