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A Day Off

Posted on: May 12, 2009

I think I need a day off.

I realize this is asking a little much, considering that I was put on extended maternity leave when the need for freelance writers apparently died (damn you, everyone who is out of work and willing to work for $2 for 1000 words!!) and really have been doing my own thing for over a month now. I have been working on the baby’s room, working on some of my own writing projects (when I stop crying), doing baby laundry, and somehow a bunch of other things that have really sucked up all my time.

But I need a day off. I need a few hours to just regroup. I think that all those pregnancy hormones have suddenly caught up with me. 

Hormones: Hello!!

Me: Noooo! I was doing so well! I have felt great! My emotions have been in check! I am stable, damnit!

Hormones: You shall now cry. All the time. Also, sometimes scream. Pity the fool that looks at you sideways. Also, pity Huzby.

Me: No…will…not…cry…

Hormones: Also, the cat will get extra squirts from the water gun when he dares enter the bassinet.


Ahem. Anyway. I do still feel great for the most part – just a bit on edge. There has been some drama with the crib over the past day – nothing big, but to my pregnant self it has been MAJOR. As in, OH MY FRAK WE HAVE NOWHERE TO LAY THIS CHILD AND SHE COULD POP OUT ANY DAY AND WE WOULD BE EXPECTED TO TAKE HER HOME WITHIN TWO DAYS. But, she would be a newborn. And as my Mother’s Day card displays, children can sleep in cardboard boxes and be perfectly fine. Most likely she will rarely leave human arms for the first weeks of her life anyway and be so spoiled she will never sleep alone. And that is just with me around.

So, I am planning on going and getting a book. A Real Book, not a Baby Book. Then I will lay on the hammock this evening until I return to full human status.

That is, of course, if my doctor does not find anything odd at my appointment in an hour and confine me to bed or the hospital or some unknown third location. Which is extremely unlikely, considering my pregnancy so far. But which still kept me up for an hour last night. Have I mentioned the hormones?


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