Mama Geek

A Baby Swing Without the Eyesore

Posted on: May 11, 2009

I love baby swings. I had a swing for as long as I could remember as a child and can remember many happy hours spent in it, either with my parents or by myself. So, with summer and my due date approaching, I began searching for a baby swing that could hang on the oak tree just off our back deck – it has a low hanging limb just begging for a baby swing.

However, I would like a baby swing that does not scream “Hey! Baby lives here!” when you glance into the backyard, aka avoid brightly colored plastic. I mean, someone else in the world must have thought of this and created a wood, recycled tire or hammock style baby swing, right?

Safety considerations, etc. I am sure are the reason for only three or so brightly colored swings being on the market. However, I do not plan on leaving the child alone in the swing for hours on end. If the baby is in a swing, someone will be right there and really, how hard does a baby swing anyway?

Any suggestions from the internet? If all else fails, I may ask my grandfather to attempt to create something with his mad woodworking skills. But someone else in the world must have desired a baby swing in a color other than neon, right?


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