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Today Is The Day!

Posted on: May 8, 2009

It Comes Out Today! That is right, the Star Trek Movie comes out today! I really can’t post a lot, because I spent the past few hours trying to get a little nap in – due to the fact that Critter kept me up all night, then my cat attempted to sooth Critter, which it had never done before. Seriously, in the middle of the night, right when Critter had hiccups and was quite rambunctious, he got up and curled up right on my stomach/side purring loud, which he NEVER DOES anymore because he hates getting kicked. Then, when Critter calmed down, he got back up and went to his usual spot laying on my head. Of course, I then stayed up for another hour thinking of all those weird stories you hear about animals predicting medical incidents and worrying that my cat can predict labor, so I laid waiting for contractions that never came. Luckily. It seems that my cat can not predict labor (or has not as of yet), but does like to calm down Critter. They will be best buds soon – as long as the baby stays out of the cat’s new favorite bed, aka the bassinet.

So, in the end, I didn’t sleep and would like to be wide-eyed for my awesome evening of Melting Pot and Star Trek. Mmmm…warm gooey cheese, a hot pot of chocolate and then what better be 2+ hours of the best Star Trek movie since Khan showed up*.

*Except they better not kill Spock this time. Because I may have a crush on the new one. Though I think Bones looks to be more my type…Eomer was quite dreamy.


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