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Almost Mother’s Day

Posted on: May 7, 2009

Mother’s Day has two big meanings for me this year. One, it is my first Mother’s Day in which I count as a mother (almost); and Two, it is exactly one month from my due date. For months, I have had it in my head that Mother’s Day would be my deadline for being baby-ready – and I think we will almost make it. I need a sunny day to finish stenciling the polka dots on the closet doors. I need to find some sort of window coverings. I need to put away the final loads of baby laundry, but they are all washed. The crib has been shipped, so it is en route.

Baby, we might have a place for you to sleep.

Of course, I realize that if everything is not ready when the baby arrives, it is not a big deal. In the beginning, really all she needs is diapers, a blanket and a flat place to lie down. This is just a slightly overenthusiastic pregnant woman who wants the entire house spic and span, a clean garage, a detailed car, no remaining vestiges of the winter construction and a nursery ready for the front cover of design magazines.

So maybe slightly is the wrong word.

I am getting very excited – but am still not ready to let this Critter leave my belly yet. I know some women are just ready to be done by this point, but I still love pregnancy. I am actually a little disappointed – I was looking forward to one more ultrasound when I could take a peek inside there to see what Critter was doing. However, today the nurse let me know that unless they have any concerns or if they think the baby is not positioned correctly in the next few weeks, there is no need for another ultrasound Of course, this is wonderful news – the pregnancy has gone so well, they have no reason for concern – but it does mean I miss out on one more portrait of Critter before we see her covered in goo.

In the meantime…back to folding laundry and glaring at the clouds that are hiding my needed sun!


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