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Clothes, Clean Thyselves

Posted on: May 1, 2009

I officially completed the first load of Baby Laundry last night. I washed blankets, bibs, burp cloths, changing pad covers, socks and a few items for which I do not know the purpose. Extra large burp cloths? Tiny receiving blankets? They are pretty and patterned and completely a mystery to me, but they are washed and folded anyway.

The best part was testing out my new Baby Laundry (it deserves to be capitalized for it’s first washing) Detergent. I have used Method for my laundry for a few years now, so I tried their Baby Formula. This is all plant-derived, with Rice Milk and Mallow. I was hesitant when I first poured it – it was much thinner than the regular detergent and an odd tan color. It smelled great though – but it was nothing compared to the finished product. Once the clothes had come out of the dryer (using a Method reusable dryer sheet), they smelled like the most perfect baby in the world. The smell is old-school baby good, with a little extra sweetness…it smells a bit like marshmallows. The real marshmallows from a fancy candy store, not the campfire kind. I guess that makes sense as one of the ingredients is Mallow, but it was unexpected. I thought that the smell would be very plain or a bit too candy-sweet, like the other baby detergents with artificial ingredients. This was just…perfect.

How good does it smell? When I woke up this morning I went into the nursery and smelled the changing pad. The cover still smelled lovely – though I probably will avoid actually smelling the cover in a few weeks time.

Which is to say…6 weeks to go!

And further…crap, we should really try to finish up the room this weekend. And hope the crib arrives soon. And buy curtains. And clean out the garage. And…

Frak, the Star Trek movie comes out next week. That was my deadline for being ready! (Well, Mother’s Day, but they are the same weekend, so I had two things to look forward to.)


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