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Much Ado – Of Course

Posted on: April 29, 2009

Consumer Reports should know better. People get extremely defensive when they think that someone may be criticizing their lifestyles, especially their parenting choices. So when they posted this article on their blog, they should have expected a bit of backlash.

They are certainly getting it – the article has even been mentioned in The NY Times and is making the rounds of pregnancy and child websites across the web. 

Attachment parenting – which is what most of the products that the article discusses aid – is certainly a touchy subject. I think it has a lot to do with the “they used to do it this way, other cultures do it” way of thinking. Whole families sleeping in one bed, carrying babies with straps of cloth, etc. are certainly nothing new. They are just making a comeback. The choice of whether or not to do these things is personal and needs to be made by parents – though expect lots of advice on the subject.

I know moms who always co-sleep and use slings, and others who avoid both and are quite critical of those who attempt either. I try to avoid giving my opinion – I don’t have a baby yet, so I can not say that I will never sleep with my child in the bed (especially when they are feeding constantly through the night). I do plan on using a bassinet and crib the majority of the time. I also plan on using a sling, as I enjoy being so close to the baby and really don’t like using the other types of baby carriers. But, this may change as I actually carry around a child every day (and they get heavier).

Consumer Reports should know to expect backlash when they write articles with a judging tone – which this article most certainly has. If they want to continue to sell their reputation as a fair and trusted source for reviews of products, they should avoid the tone of this article. Dry reporting may not generate many headlines or user comments, but it will keep their reputation intact and ensure that people continue to come to them when making a purchase.


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