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Pay No Attention to the Woman Opening Presents

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Yesterday was my Baby Shower. It was a surprise – impressive, considering that I usually find out about surprises and that I made my husband swear that I would be dressed appropriately (aka I must be in THIS DRESS, the underwear to wear with it is on the hanger, don’t forget the little caplet sweater that matches, and oh yeah, I need shoes to match). It was also perfect – at my grandmother’s house in the awesome Great Room that was perfectly decorated, catered with finger sandwiches, petit fours and blood orange mimosas/sparkling lemonade, and of course so many family and friends (women only). I was even allowed to eat this time – in contrast to my wedding shower, when I didn’t touch the food but was kept well supplied with mimosas, so I was a bit tipsy by the end.

My three bridesmaids/friends were back in force making sure that I quickly swept through the heaping pile of presents. My family’s goal when hosting a shower is primarily to make sure that everyone has fun, not just the bride/pregnant girl. This involves two things: providing an activity to get people talking, and getting through the presents as quickly as possible without them being the constant central focus of the party. This was perfect: the girls set up a veritable assembly line for opening presents, and the 3-8 year old contingent “helped” open the presents so quickly that I doubt anyone actually saw much besides a blur of pink. 

I received a lot of clothes – way too many to be usable. I think I am going to return some of the ones that came with receipts from Babies R Us. The one disappointment is that we didn’t get some of the basics that we really do need, including car seats, a traveling crib, cloth diapers, etc. Hopefully the returns can cover most of these costs.

The day was perfect though – not too hot, the kids could play outside, my grandfather and great-uncle valeted cars faster than any restaurant, and I got to see almost all my female family and friends. I am really lucky – and so is this baby!


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