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Stretch – and Watch for the Cheerios

Posted on: March 27, 2009

I have discovered the best thing you can do during pregnancy (aside from all that healthy eating and vitamins and ultrasounds and doctor stuff) – Yoga. I have been going to Yoga classes on and off over the past few years. Actually, make that a decade. I was going last summer but stopped when I found out that I was pregnant because the school offered no prenatal classes. The stretches were too extreme and I was clumsy in the best situation, so I was worried about continuing. First timer worries, I am sure, but nonetheless. Then a friend found a pre/post-natal class nearby – she just had a baby. It was perfect.

I love this class. The teacher pushes just far enough and knows how to change every position for women at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum. She makes prodigious use of the various exercise balls, bolsters, blocks and blankets to allow you to get the most out of your class. But the best part is that for days after each class, the extreme pain in my hips that has appeared over the past month disappears. Other women in the class say it has helped them with leg cramps, sciatic nerve pain and even childbirth itself.

This is not exactly what you would call a relaxing class, though. The other mothers bring their children who run about – playing with the balls and toys, climbing about, making friends and freely distributing cheerios. It is so much fun to watch the kids play pass the sippy cup. They all seem happy to grab whichever drink is closest then let their mothers sort it out at the end of class.

I sincerely recommend this to anyone, but especially to pregnant and postpartum mothers. I look forward to each class and plan on continuing once I have the baby in only a few short months!


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