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Critter Is Not Drinking The Kool Aid

Posted on: March 20, 2009

I went for my glucose tolerance test on Tuesday, along with another set of blood panels or screenings or whatever these are called. I am assuming

Critter Says No!

that I passed all of these since I have not heard anything from my doctor in the negative as of yet. I had been worried about a problem with anemia due to a few bouts of lightheadedness and almost fainting, but I have added quite a bit of iron to my diet (mainly with nasty bran cereal) and that seems to have gone away.

I am extremely happy that the glucose tolerance test went well and does not need to be repeated. For anyone who has not had the pleasure – this involves drinking an orange drink that is basically pure glucose, then sitting in the waiting room for an hour while you alternate between extreme jitters and the desire to sleep for about 3 days. And if you happen to be pregnant, then feeling and watching your belly swirl for that entire time as your child experiences their first sugar high. At least the hour passed quickly. Once they had drained me of my blood, I came home and cleaned the kitchen in all of, say, 5 minutes then sat down and promptly slept soundly for about 45 minutes.

I had read from others who have gone through this experience to try to eat something (non-sugary) before the test to make it less intense. Of course, I had my bagel all set to go then overslept so instead ate a piece of toast on the way out the door. I do think this helped, but next time I plan on making sure I leave myself time for something a bit more substantial.


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