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A Beer Would Be Nice

Posted on: March 12, 2009

The question I am asked most often by my friends without children is, with no question, “Do you miss having a drink?” It is not that I was a heavy drinker but I certainly enjoy a few beers now and then. My husband and I are big fans of beer – the good stuff. Microbrews, crafts, imports, high end. I am not one of those girls who always drives the boy home – we take turns, or decide who needs a night out more, or find someone else to drive home. Which is probably why I am asked that question.

Honestly, in the beginning the smell of beer made me fairly nauseous. We went to a few brewfests before I found out I was pregnant (Surprise!) and I was definitely not in the mood for beer. Now, though, 6+ months in, I am ready for a nice glass of something good – perhaps a sour. It is not helping that it is Philly Beer Week and some really great stuff has been pouring around town.

So, yes, I do miss having a beer now and then. It is definitely worth it, of course. Also, I am really looking forward to having a much reduced tolerance once I can drink again. Plus, I have forgotten what a lot of my favorite beers taste like when you are allowed more than one sip – it will be like having them for the first time all over again.

I can’t wait to meet Critter…and I am also looking forward to leaving her with the grandparents and rediscovering a few great beers!


1 Response to "A Beer Would Be Nice"

Awww… I’m so sorry you’re not allowed to have a beer! I just had baby #4, and thank goodness I was fine to have the occasional glass of wine or beer during all four pregnancies… I had low-risk ones, so one drink was harmless.

Congratulations and good luck in the next few months!!

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